updated: 03/10/2005
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Top view:

Side view:

Rear view:

Images taken from video monitor that was connected to Video Kaleidoscope:



The name of this





Handcrafted by:

Galaxy Glass Works

The piece is signed by the Artist:

Craig Huber

SCANDINAVIAN creates in real time an ever-changing video Kaleidoscopic reality. Anything placed in front of the lens is transformed and reappears with a creative geometrical perspective on a television monitor (not included *).

This postmodern VIDEO KALEIDOSCOPE has a maple appleply body with a black aluminum frame. The piece is an original design and produced as a one of a kind. It be can utilized within a commercial or museum venue or as a part of a home theater system. It is an incredible and fascinating entertainment source at parties and large events, meetings seminars and gatherings. Young and old alike continually delight in it as they watch themselves and the world transform itself into an amazing kaleidoscopic vision. Our families, our friends, our pets and the simplest parts of nature have never looked better!!

First surface optical quality mirrors are used for clarity. The mirror assembly consists of three mirrors that create an infinite number of equilateral triangles. A hand polished 3 inch sphere is used as the focusing lens. The video camera is a professional grade color 1/2 inch CCD that is designed to be on and used 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. The video output is through a RCA jack.

*Please note that the Video Kaleidoscope does not come with a TV monitor. You will need a TV monitor (which must have a RCA jack input - very common on TVs & all VCR's or a RCA to RF signal modulator). We will be glad to assist you in purchasing a TV monitor if you need to acquire one. Let us know if you'll need a signal modulator for your TV.

Case is:

17 inches in Height, 21 inches in Length & 5 inches in width.


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