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updated: Spring 2022

Cosmic Creations Inc...........Eugene Oregon


'All my Files are Digital'

Light Sculpture : 2021




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Craig Huber's love of photography and his home state of Oregon are showcased in his photographs and prints

established 2006






Galaxy Glass Works

has been creating delights for the eye and the mind since 1977. Galaxy Glass Works is nationally recognized as a premier creator of high quality KALEIDOSCOPES since 1980. Precision optics combined with innovative designs is the trademark of these Kaleidoscopes.

Galaxy Glass Works Kaleidoscopes are handcrafted by Craig Huber and are sold in museums and fine art galleries throughout the U. S., Canada and internationally.

established 1977


Sacred Mandala

Kaleidoscope Artist, Astrologer and Designer Craig Huber
and his wife Annie Greenberg

have created a series of Mandalas that are an expression of Craig's love of Geometry, Symmetry and Metaphysics

established 2003

ASSORTED CREATIONS * 1977 - 2009 *

surveys the range and scope of Craig's artwork and creative endeavors for the past 30 years.



is Craig Huber's unique concept of art patronage combined with charitable acts of loving-kindness. ART ANGELS unites a spirit of personal generosity with an understanding of the extraordinary and transcendental nature of art.

"One hand supporting the Arts, The other hand extending from the heart"

established 1998



Craig Huber , a 42 year student and practitioner of the metaphysical arts, is versed in all facets of Astrological interpretation. His services included divination, in depth personal readings and computer generated reports.

established 1972



Visual and Intuitive artist Craig Huber has been creating delights for the eyes and the mind since 1972. Craig has been fascinated with Mandala imagery for his whole life. The repetitive imagery contained within a Mandala combines his love of symmetry, geometry, metaphysics and astrology.







Pictures from the last 50 years

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